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It has been raining here for at least four days, so I can put the idea of doing an outside photoshoot out of my head for now. Instead, I’m going to use some pictures that I’ve made a few months ago.


Tokiha Mai - The dancing princess

Yes, that is indeed Mai Tokiha from Good Smile Company. ^^ She was the first figure that arrived here at home, so she has a special place in my collection. That’s way it’s maybe a good thing that I’m also doing my first post about her.



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I’ll have to excuse myself for not writing anything yet, but my computer became two weeks ago suddenly veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow… -_-‘ And that is just way too annoying to work with. For example; It took me almost five minutes to enter a word in Google, so you can imagine how long it took until it actually found something. My disk space was strangely enough not the thing to blame, since I still have 45G left and an empty D disc, (if you call it that in English ^^’). The strange thing is that it started to function normally again this last Sunday. Well, I don’t really need to know why he suddenly decided to make me happy again, since I only care about the fact that I can continue with my blog. ^^

So what is there for news? Well, last Saturday these two girls arrived:

Mao, Houmei, Saber mug - They're all coming from HobbyLink Japan

And with them came a Saber mug! =D


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